What makes good design good? I think it’s the absence of distractions. Maybe that’s what makes it so complicated.

If we can only choose a few details, how can you put together those significant details and still have them work and complement each other?

Minimalism has been a buzzword the past couple of years in the design world (and fashion world). Personally, I like it. It’s the fine details and simplicity that are so attractive. Maybe this concept of minimalism was made for home and design. With home being a place to go and recharge, why distract and complicate?

If we are only given a few options for items to feature, minimalism is at its core intentionally promoting the things we value most and removing everything else.

This way of thinking requires us to dive deep and become more connected with our own values and passions. What do I love – and why?

Summer is right around the corner so I thought it was only right to post a few amazing pool designs.

These minimal designs are worthy of lengthy poolside days. The natural-like landscaping fits too. Shrubs, trees and grasses may or may not have already been there. The meandering pool design sits well hidden within mother nature.

1 – 2. Jean Pierre Gabriel / 3. ACLA – California / 4. Jonas D’hoore / 5. Richard Meier / 6. Vogue / Hamptons by Howard Design Studio / Vineyard Haven MA | Stephen Simpson Associates / Bridgehampton / Patrick Verbruggen

Looking for a place with a pool? Land to build?

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