Why have a lake house if you’re not going to have a view? And why only enjoy that view in the warm months? No. You need to enjoy that view year round! Cue sunrooms and glass enclosed spaces. 

Here are a few ideas for lake house sunrooms and glass enclosed spaces.

Main: ARQUITECTUR ALTERNATIVA (Mexico) / 1. Cameron Design House / 2. One Kin Design (Brazil) / 3. ARQUITECTUR ALTERNATIVA (Mexico) / 4. Une Hir Ondelle / 5. Casa De Valentina / 6. Martin Schmidt Radic Arquitectos Asociados (Chile) / 7. Konstantinos Anninos / 9. Associates III Interior Design / 10. Assembledge+ Designs Three-Pavilion Laurel Hills Residence in Los Angeles / 

Interested in lake homes in middle Tennesee?

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