Lake Home Styling & Decor

Vignettes, Ceramics, Pottery

Interiors that are as balanced as possible are also the most versatile – working for both a feminine or masculine space.

Coastal homes are adorned with shells and pastel tones. Mountain homes are filled with heavy furs and robust cedar logs. Cabins are heated with old stoves and wood-burning fireplaces. But what about lake homes? Proud places sitting high on ridgetops towering over the water. Castle-like homes that are designated as a escape fort among the trees. When paradise is built, I guess it’s subjective. 

When it comes to the lake, items that are grounded and earthy are reflective of the environment itself. Pottery, ceramics, natural elements – these are the things that are most interesting and instantly connect you. Made by mother nature or formed by our own hands, each delicate item is intended to be carefully handled and studied.

Here are a few lake home-inspired styling items and looks.

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