Greenhouse Architecture and Design

Conservatory / Greenhouse Appreciation

What’s better than an indoor space full of your favorite plants? It may get cold in the winter, but there’s a way to escape it all.

A greenhouse  (also called a glass-house or hothouse) is a space where plants such as flowers and vegetables are grown. They warm up during the day, and the heat is continues to fade gradually throughout the night. 

Greenhouses may be one of the best ideas of all time. Intricate design, glass domes, steel doors – does it get any better?

History of the Greenhouse

In the 1500s, Italian gardeners built structures for the tropical plants that explorers brought back to Italy. Jules Charles built the very first modern greenhouse in Holland. In the 1800s, huge greenhouses were built in England. The greenhouse concept also appeared in the Netherlands and then England in the 17th century.

Sunrooms and Garden Rooms

Over the years, the design and architecture of greenhouses have been re-imagined and used to build other structures. Sunrooms, garden rooms, patios and other areas that focus on natural lighting have been inspired by greenhouses.

Following Images by Photographer: Annie Spratt