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Tennessee Zone 6 and 7

Low Maintenance Landscaping


Everyone has their preference but when it comes to where I live and spend the most time, I love being outside of the city and having my space. Our current home has a little over 12 acres that used to be used for livestock.

The fields are beautiful year round and enclosed with tall, mature trees for ultimate privacy. The only downside of having a large yard or fields – the maintenance!

If we mowed the cleared fields, it would take a little over 3 hours. This summer, my focus was exterior projects & landscaping. I came up with the idea of creating grass pathways throughout the yard and fields. There are five total – each leading to different areas on the property. The pond, the creek, the oak tree with the swing and two that just weaves throught the largest area.

Not only did creating these pathways cut down on the weekend maintenance, but they are also aesthetically pleasing! Over the past few months, I’ve really enjoyed watching native flowers and surroundings grow. From lush May grass to June & July wildflowers, it’s been an experience! I truly love rural Tennessee.

By allowing the area to grow, this also created an even more active ecosystem. More birds, turtles and waterfowl. I was afraid of attracting snakes with the tall grass, but we have yet to see one!

If you’re wanting to create a peaceful, serene space while also enhancing the surrounding ecosystem, I recommend grass pathways! Add some planters and ornaments for interest too!

Update: It’s our second spring, and the grass is even thicker & came in more quickly this year. I think by allowing it to grow, it made the grass more lush. We have noticed more wildlife including herons, hawks, rabbits, deer, butterflies and other natives.

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