What is it that makes earthy materials feel trusted? Of all things you can build with, why do we gravitate towards wood, stone, and the like?

Maybe we have more faith in things we don’t exactly understand – materials we found rather than created ourself. It’s these things that are the ingredients of the Earth itself. They are staples both in design and build.

Natural items are timeless themself. Both able to stand the test of time and able to be used in any place at any time.

Why do we love cozy cabins and lake homes? They are their own escapes. Wild and hidden. Secluded and humble.

Do you imagine a luxurious space? Full of nice things and high gloss finishes? Or do you prefer a quaint and modest cabin?

Beauty is subjective. Who is to say one is more valuable than the other. Our own preferences are much more complex and rooted in things we feel and find to be true. Our own idea of what’s best for a dwelling space varies from person to person.

As kids, we often dream of what Heaven would be like. For some, it was a place full of their favorite things or magical things. For some, it was full of family and love. The same goes for home. It’s a place we all look forward to and seek. We have our own idea of what it’s like. There is no guideline or rule book. It’s our Heaven on Earth for the time being.

You must figure it out for yourself. It’s then translated through architectural elements. A landmark of your own – a physical representation of your heart’s desire.

Here’s a few design ideas for a earthy lake home in the woods.

Concept: Earthy Lake Home

01 – 02. The Society / 03. Rivers Architect UK / 04. Sight Unseen / 05. Jeremiah Brent / 08. IG:worldarchitecturedesign / 09. IG:crystlsinclairdesigns / 13. Restoration Hardware / 14. Curbed / 16. the comico art museum designed by kengo kuma

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