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Large bookcases can be the hardest to style. It’s hard to choose which items to feature – it’s almost like too much freedom is a bad thing.

After a few weeks searching far and wide, I finally completed styling this built-in bookcase in my office area. It took a while to collect all of the items I used. I found most of them on Facebook marketplace (of all places) and the other smaller items at various home goods stores.

I switch these art prints out ever so often. It’s easy to do if you find a few good stock images. (If you missed the other blog posts about curated art prints and how to create, click here.)

One side is a statue of a man with a porcelain flower and on the other side is a statue of a woman next to a faux horn. I liked the irony!

I am still working on my book collection! I want this entire thing filled with books! 

What are your favorite items to use in a bookcase or on a bookshelf? Comment below.

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