Black Canvas Painting


If you know me at all, you already know I love being creative, and I am willing to try about any medium. I tend to switch things around in the house when we bring something new in or with a new season. For winter and spring, I wanted to do something gritty & masculine.

Restoration Hardware is one of my favorite design companies. I love the hardy, quality pieces that are balanced in a space. Metal and wood are diffused with soft textiles and works of fine art.

I bought a huge 60″+ canvas from Hobby Lobby two years ago. It was really cheap, but I couldn’t find a spot for it. Something about the mossy green just didn’t quite look right anywhere. I decided to paint it instead of buying a new canvas.

To work this newfound interest in grit and dark hues, I went with a textured painting. I covered the entire thing in a white paint to create a base. To create the texture, I used a thickening agent in the paint. It was almost like applying spackling.

Next, I used several different tones of black – charcoal, steel, coal and true black. I found a metallic dark paint I really liked to create a vignette type effect and add another element of interest, I used that on the edges. I bought a true cobalt blue paint last year so I covered the entire thing in that. I almost left it as is after that, but the blue literally hurt your eyes! It was so bright but beautiful!

I wanted the blue to still come through so I lightly painted the black over that.

Here is the finished project! Complemented with metal pieces from Southeastern Salvage, like 25 candles, metal accent pieces and plants.

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