Alys Beach, Florida

Architecture and Design

a luxury beach community on Florida’s Gulf Coast

“On beautiful 30A, nestled in the Florida Panhandle’s pristine white sands and sparkling blue water, sits a seaside community where just miles down the road feels miles away from ordinary. Where every detail makes luxury seem simple and a life of beauty, simplicity, balance, and grace still thrives. This is life defined.”

Okay. I just want to say I came across Alys Beach almost a year ago on Instagram and have been in love since. 

We recently booked a vacation in Destin, Florida. I had one request: visit Alys Beach and check out the design and architecture.

This is the most luxurious place I have ever been and the architecture and design is absolutely insane. There’s a few things that set this place apart from other coastal towns and design. Everything is scaled. I believe great design is the absence of distractions. Maybe that’s the case with Alys Beach and the homes within.

All features are extremely large so while there is a lot of detail, there’s not that many elements that make up each amazing home. From engraved details, to giant lighting to the wild but ordered landscaping, this place is worth making a trip to see. A few other things I noticed: various colors that play into the bigger picture. 

Most of these homes are private homes while a handful are vacation homes. The easiest way to navigate through the community is by bike. (Just be respectful of homeowners and their privacy) Rent one for the day and make your way through the streets and alleyways. There are also a few local cafes and restaurants so be sure to stop and grab lunch and a drink. You will also find a few shops.

Alys Beach is also near Rosemary Beach so it’s easy to bounce between the two. If you are looking to buy within this community, homes start around $3M+.