Log Cabin

a rustic, cozy log cabin

Design: Jean Stoffer Design

Photography: Jeanna Aborst

A cabin by the lake. A cabin in the woods.

It’s hard to be at a cabin and not feel like you’re in your own little world. Rural Tennessee has plenty of places to get lost and find the spot to put a cabin in the woods.

My first thought when I saw this was: Jean’s done it again! If you have never heard of Jean Stoffer Design, today is your lucky day.

Reposting this absolutely amazing cabin by Jean that I luckily stumbled upon on Pinterest.

It’s actually impossible to look through these photos and not smile. You can feel that cozy little cabin feeling through the screen.

Let’s take a look. Go. Cabin by Jean Stoffer.

And scroll!

Looking for a lake cabin in middle Tennessee?

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