Tennessee Waterfalls

Hiking Trails and Waterfalls 

Tennessee has not only become the place people are moving to from out of state but also the place people are visiting! For good reason too.

With temps rising and spring almost in full swing, it’s time to shake those winter blues and pull out that bucket list you compiled. Grab your pen because I’ve got a few more places you’ll want to add. 

In a southeast state with a mild climate and different seasons to enjoy, of course it would have endless natural, scenic places to explore. Ridgetops tower over lakes, rolling pastures connect it all and hiking trails weave throughout valleys.

Maybe you prefer the fiery autumn leaves or the slow snowfall in January. Maybe you prefer the spring wildflowers or sunny summer days on the lake. It really doesn’t matter what season we are in, Tennessee offers a little something for everyone. (And let me just suggest: you should visit during each season to get the full picture)

So where to start you may ask? Where are all the cool waterfalls and state parks? You have stumbled across the right article, my friend. 

If you are in the Upper Cumberland region near Center Hill Lake, you will want to start with these 13 waterfalls. Check out the article below for detailed info and photos of each.

13 Waterfalls Near Center Hill Lake

There’s also a few state parks you will want to see in the Upper Cumberland and middle Tennessee:

State Parks in the Upper Cumberland

If you are looking for a list of 100+ waterfalls in the state, check out this link.

Find out where all the waterfalls are in Tennessee

Note: some waterfalls that are listed are privately owned. You will need permission before accessing. Accessibility is subject to fluctuating water levels due to rainfall and dam generation. Call ahead for an update. These areas can be busy during peak season (Spring & Summer). During those times, you may want to visit during the week instead of weekend.